Text is king, bow down in bliss.

Reading strategies by Countries (text/napkin, 2002)
Napkin with text that reads: “Bowing to show respect is a moral obligation between nations” placed in galleries, museums and restaurants walls at 50 centimeters of the floor. This piece was designed after the cancelation of a group show in the city of New York due the United States international policies after the Iraq war.

Taking aside for a moment the political context of this gesture, what I like must of it is the possibility to proposse the spectator a kind of game where the rules are only set up once he’s playing. The “activation” of this message force the reader to develop a close conection with the content of the text. Forcing also an act of mimicry even before “meaning” has come to scene.

Reading strategies by Countries at "Mornings in Mexico", Third Guangzhou Triennial, China, 2008.

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