No More a Good Citizen

No More a Good Citizen at "Mornings in Mexico", Third Guangzhou Triennial
(intervened books, 2007)

A few years ago, going through old bookstores in Mexico City, I found a huge collection of biographies. Every book containing the life of two historical figures; always two persons, always in pairs. At first sigth was fun to see this group of such dissimilar characters coming togheter in couples for no reason (apparently) but randomness. I’m talking about couples like Rasputin/Thomas Alba Edison, Simone de Beauvoir/Mother Theresa of Calcuta, John Fitzgerald Kennedy/Jorge Luis Borges.
I bought one of the books hoping it would share the secret of the sect and how they came all togheter, but the only lead was they belonging to the XX Century.
Trying to pull out some sense from my book I started the drawing excercise called No more a good citizen, a sort of forced dialogue between two completely different characters. What I did was to cover all the letters of the first biography that didn’t help to construct the text of the second one, overlaping here the life of Mao Tse-tung over Picasso’s. With no sense of democracy at all in this conversation, and one of the parties taking active control over the dialogue, now Picasso acts as a communist role model.

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